• 19 May 2022

FF Weekly: May 19th Remember When...

May 23 is World Turtle Day! FINAL FANTASY has plentiful numbers of the shelled creatures, and today we’d like to introduce a few from across the series to commemorate the occasion.

Gil Turtle (FFV)

Found in a dungeon called the Gil Cave, where you can obtain money simply by walking around. However, the Gil Turtle is considerably more powerful than other enemies found at this part of FINAL FANTASY V, so be careful not to get your party wiped out by this ferocious beast!

Gil Snapper (FFXII)

Fought in one of FINAL FANTASY XII’s elite marks that send you hunting powerful monsters, this creature will cure any status effects inflicted upon it if the party goes too far out of its range, so stay close when fighting it!

Adamantoise (FFXV)

An absolutely massive enemy that doesn’t awaken until later in the game, and can be fought by accepting the Lonely Rumblings hunt in Hammerhead. This monster has an outrageous amount of HP, so your best bet to defeat it is to stock up on healing items, utilize the best recipes you have and prepare for a long fight!

This is just a small selection of the turtles across FINAL FANTASY games, so keep an eye out for the others when playing FF titles!

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