• 6 Oct. 2022

FF Weekly: October 6th Remember When...

In Japan, October 10 is Sports Day, a holiday that encourages healthy competition and an active lifestyle! We’ve got a couple sporty mini games from FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE to share for this occasion!

At the Wall Market gym, you can take on squat and pull-up competitions! According to Jules, head trainer, their facility allows their patrons to "maintain healthy minds and bodies," so why not trying getting some in-game exercise with Cloud and Tifa?

Squat Competition

Press buttons in a certain order at the right time to make Cloud do squats! As you correctly press buttons the squats get faster, but if you lose your rhythm, Cloud will lose his balance—and precious time! Try to aim for a perfect run!

Pull-Up Competition

While all you have to worry about for the squat competition is pressing the buttons at the right time, for pull-ups, you also have to worry about the order in which you press them. Speed is important here too, but the secret to this mini-game is to keep your cool and focus on the button sequence!

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