• 22 Dec. 2022

FF Weekly: December 22nd Remember When...

Chocobo‘s Dungeon released in Japan 25 years ago on December 23, starting a great adventure for Chocobo! To celebrate, we’d like to share a few chocobo appearances from across FINAL FANTASY!

To start with, the very first chocobo was in a game that also had a December release: FINAL FANTASY II! In FFII, chocobo are large birds with white body plumage and can only be found in the Chocobo Forest, just south of Kashuan castle. Because their wings don’t allow them to fly, chocobo have highly developed legs and can run incredibly fast. Chocobo are not particularly afraid of people, and if you can manage to catch one you can ride on its back!

And in the latest of the Chocobo’s Dungeon series, Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon EVERY BUDDY!, Chocobo is a kind-hearted treasure hunter who travels the world with his friend Cid. He works his hardest to help the villagers he meets whose memories have been stolen.

Chocobo also stars in other games including Chocobo GP, and chocobo are featured in a massive amount of other FINAL FANTASY games! Why not take a, break from the holiday rush to spend some time with chocobo?

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