• 2 Feb. 2023

FF Weekly: February 2nd Remember When...

February 3 is Setsubun in Japan – a day marking the changing of seasons. On this day, a member of the family will put on an oni (demon or ogre) mask and other family members will throw beans at them, shouting, “Oni out! Fortune in!” as a ritual to chase away evil and welcome spring and the new year.

In FINAL FANTASY there are a number of oni-like monsters to take on! Let’s see some of the formidable foes that the series has to offer.

Ogre (FFI)

The first appearance of a kind of oni in FINAL FANTASY! Showing up fairly early in the game, this beast isn’t as tough to expel as it looks

Demon (FFIII)

Demons drop items useful to rangers, so if you’ve got one in your party, you’ll want to stock up by fighting this monster!

Kottos (FFX)

Encountered as part of the Monster Arena side quests, this terrifying creature packs a serious punch that it uses to counter physical attacks! Make sure you’ve geared up before taking on Kottos.

Welcome the new season by eradicating some evil monsters in FINAL FANTASY this Setsubun!

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