• 31 Aug. 2023

FF Weekly: August 31st Remember When...

Younger Sister Day in Japan is September 6! For this day, we’ve got a character from FINAL FANTASY XIV to share – Alisaie Leveilleur!

Alisaie is Alphinaud's twin sister, and is less than pleased that their similarities sometimes lead people to mistake her for her brother. Though both are prodigies who were accepted into the Studium at the age of eleven, she trailed ever so slightly behind him at first—but no longer. Alisaie prefers action to speech, and unlike Alphinaud, would rather cut to the heart of a matter than engage in prolonged debate. It was thus said that her aversion to diplomacy rendered her the opposite of her brother in all but appearance. While her dignitary parents endeavored to censure this candor to a degree, Louisoix understood its value. Nevertheless, in recent days she has grown more adept at tactful discourse, though she remains willing to speak her mind regardless of the consequences.

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