• 21 Sept. 2023

FF Weekly: September 21st Remember When...

September 24 marks World Rivers Day! Let’s check out some rivery things from across FINAL FANTASY to celebrate the occasion!

Canoe (FFI)

A small boat that allows transport over rivers and lakes, paddled by hand. While that makes it not the fastest vessel, it makes up for it with its ability to travel maze-like rivers, indispensable for traversing areas like the eastern side of the southern continent and large rivers on the northwest continent.

Lethe River (FFVI)

A river that runs east from the town of Narshe. Upon receiving intel while at the Returners’ hideout that the Empire would be attacking, Edgar and comrades travel down this river with the Returners leader Banon under their watch. This also marks the first appearance of the odd octopus Ultros, who attempts to block their way. While they manage to overpower him, when he attempts to run away, Sabin takes chase and is washed away in the river’s strong currents, splitting up the party and forcing those left behind to travel down the river to Narshe without him.

Moonflow (FFX)

A huge river that divides the Djose continent’s northern and southern regions. On its banks bloom the purple Moonlillies, while glowing pyreflies populate the air nearby. Crossing the river is done by riding on the large, gentle shoopuf creatures commanded by the local Hypello ferrymen.

There are of course rivers other than these all across the FINAL FANTASY series! Why not play an FF title and experience some river adventures today?

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