• 5 Oct. 2023

FF Weekly: October 5th Remember When...

World Post Day is coming up on October 9, celebrating the systems and people that get letters and packages delivered around the world! For this day, we’d like to share an especially unique way of delivering letters from FINAL FANTASY VI!

When Celes and friends arrive in the town of Maranda, a woman there shows them letters she had been receiving. They notice, however, that the writing looks a lot like their missing comrade Cyan’s, who certainly should not be whom the messages are coming from – and the method of delivery was by none other than bird!

To confirm whether it is indeed Cyan sending these letters, the party follows the delivery bird to its destination, leading them to Mt. Zozo where, as they had surmised, Cyan is dwelling.

They learn that it was indeed Cyan continuing the correspondence in place of the original author. Upon seeing his comrades once again, he decides that he cannot leave the world as it is and decides to rejoin them on their mission.

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