• 4 Apr. 2024

FF Weekly: April 4th Remember When...

April 6 is the Day of White in Japan, and what from FINAL FANTASY could we share on this day other than white mages? Let’s don our robes and get started!

White Mage (FFI)

From the very beginning, white mages have been integral part of FINAL FANTASY! The first appearance has them able to use spells such as Dia that damage the undead, and of course restorative spells such as Cure and Heal.

Minwu (FFII)

A white mage from the country of magic, Mysidia. He served the king of Fynn, and after Fynn is decimated by the Empire of Palamecia, he joins the rebellion against them, joining forces with FINAL FANTASY II protagonist Firion and friends. Not only is he in possession of a level head and quick wits, he also bravely takes on dangerous missions solo.

Porom (FFIV)

The older sister of the pair of twin mages born in the magic kingdom of Mysidia. Her mischievous younger brother Palom’s behavior has brought out a sense of responsibility in Porom beyond her years, and she often scolds him for his actions.

This is of only a tiny fraction of the white mages who appear across FINAL FANTASY! Which white mages are your favorite?

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