• 11 July 2024

FF Weekly: July 11th Remember When...

World Snake Day is on July 16, and we’ve gathered a selection of slithery serpents from across FINAL FANTASY for the occasion!

Lamia Queen (FFII)

This boss monster is encountered in the Wild Rose Rebellion’s base of operations in the town of Altair. Its Charm ability can inflict confusion on the entire party, making for a real slippery situation if you don’t have the proper resistances prepared!

Viper (FFXIV)

A brand-new job making its first appearance in FINAL FANTASY XIV: Dawntrail. The viper's close-range fighting style, passed down by Turali hunters for generations, uses quick and decisive strikes with two one-handed blades that combine into a weapon capable of powerful flourishes. The title of viper comes from their battle skills so proficient, it's as though they swallow larger enemies whole - just like a snake.

Midgardsormr (FFVII REBIRTH)

This massive, terrifying serpent appears before Cloud and his companions while they attempt to cross the swamplands by chocobo. It changes its attack style as you chip away at its HP, so be prepared for a challenging fight in more ways than one!

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