• 27 Oct. 2021

[Part II] Celebrating 10 years! Key Concepts to Understanding FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0!

Today, October 27, marks the 10th anniversary of FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0’s initial release in Japan!

The world of FF Type-0 is full of unique charm. For those who have not yet played the game, we will introduce a few key concepts to better understand the story over the course of two articles.

You can read Part I here!

If you find your interest piqued, we urge you to pick up and play the game!

◆Key Concept #5
Class Zero

Class Zero is a place where the elite Agito Candidates at Akademeia gather to hone their skills. The class is comprised of fourteen members.

His cool exterior masks a bit of a reckless streak, but deep down he is a rather sensitive young man. He loves chocobos and uses magic cards to fight.

A calm and gentle cadet, Deuce is both reliable and strong-willed. Her comrades see her as a force to be reckoned with due to her willingness to sacrifice herself when push comes to shove. She plays the flute with grace upon the battlefield and assails foes with timbre.

The intellectual of Class Zero. He speaks politely and takes good care of his appearance but is regrettably long-winded. He wields a bow and is skilled enough to hit an enemy miles away.

A brave and spunky young girl who fearlessly charges into enemy lines. Gifted at magic since a young age, she uses a magicite pistol that fires magic bullets.

A simpleminded girl who wields a mace because it deals the most damage. Her nonchalant tone makes her seem vulnerable, but she is a guarded young woman who only trusts her fellow classmates and Arecia.

A lone wolf of a warrior, she believes in the survival of the fittest and never forgets a grudge. She seems like a cold cadet who distances herself from the rest of the class, but she refuses to leave them behind.

One of the senior members of Class Zero. Quiet, calm, and dependable, Seven is capable of accurately assessing any situation. Her frank personality and chivalrous aura have earned her the admiration of her female underclassmen. She also wields a weapon known as a whip-blade.

An athletic boy with a strong sense of justice. He hates weapons that can easily take lives and thus chooses to fight with his fists. He is always mindful of staying active and dedicates himself to his training.

The problem child of Class Zero. Impulsive and intense, Nine has the worst academic performance of his classmates, but makes up for it by acting fast. He is the type to not look before he leaps, but is a masterful lance wielder.

A laid-back cadet who is adept at dodging serious conversations. He always has a smile and joke at the ready, but exhibits great stoicism on the battlefield. A single slice from his blade is enough to dispatch enemies.

A knowledgeable and calm woman of many talents. She is particularly versed in magic and is committed to her training but loses her composure when in a dangerous situation in battle. She shows no mercy as she slashes and stabs her enemies into oblivion.

A quiet man who prefers to let his actions do the talking. He took on two handguns as his weapons because that seemed like the most logical choice. King is the polar opposite of the impulsive and single-minded Nine, but the two seem to get along regardless.

A former star pupil of Class Second, Machina is an honest and straightforward young man. He is also childhood friends with Class Zero’s other newest member, Rem. He named his older brother’s chocobo Chichiri and shares a love of the feathery creatures with Ace.

A compassionate young woman who is kind to all she meets. She excels at magic and originally belonged to Class Seventh, which specializes in magical studies. Her incurable illness has left her with little time to live, but she has not mentioned it to anyone—not even her childhood friend, Machina.

◆Key Concept #6

As the war in Orience intensifies, the students of Class Zero are thrust onto the front lines to aid their countrymen. Their missions are issued by Akademeia and cover everything from conquering enemy territory to destroying magitek armor. Choose your favorite from the 14 cadets and embark on a mission!

You will have free time between missions to raise chocobos at the ranch, undertake requests from people at Akademeia or in town, and more.

◆Key Concept #7
A Cast of Colorful Supporting Characters

A variety of characters support Class Zero’s cadets as they go about their lives. You can find out more about them below.

Arecia Al-Rashia
mysterious woman and head of the Sorcery Division, the oldest and one of the most important divisions in Akademeia. She is known as “Mother” to the members of Class Zero (excluding Rem and Machina), and she lovingly refers to them as her children in kind.

Kurasame Susaya
A man once feared as the “Ice Reaper,” he is now the commanding officer of Class Zero. Though he seems reticent and cold on the outside, he is actually kind and warmhearted inside.

The Cranberry Knights
Comprised of thirteen moogles (Military Operation Organization Guidance Logistics Experts), these knights are assigned to each class at Akademeia to assist the cadets. The moogle Moglin, despite being a novice, works hard to support Class Zero in every way possible.

Naghi Minatsuchi
An affable cadet and self-proclaimed idol. He is a talkative and lighthearted individual, but also well informed and sharp-minded. He supports Class Zero throughout various operations.


That wraps up all seven of our FF Type-0 key concepts!

Class Zero’s cadets are embroiled in a fierce war raging between the nations of Orience. Our heroes steadily approach the truth of the world as they navigate the conflict on their harsh journey, but just what will they find? We hope that you play the game and see the ending for yourself!

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